(POC) Untrim any live video on Facebook

Description / Impact

It’s possible to untrim any live video on Facebook on behalf of the owners.


This could let a malicious user untrim any live video on Facebook using non GraphQL.

Proof Of Concept / Reprosteps

1. Obtain target live video ID
2. Submit the request with the value above (remember to update your CSRF token)


Host: facebook.com


“__ar”: 1,
“payload”: {},
“hsrp”: {
“hblp”: {
“sr_revision”: 1002775749,
“consistency”: {
“rev”: 1002775749

The target live video has been untrimed on behalf of the owners.


06/10/2020 : Report sent

Triaged by Facebook after 6 hours

10/10/2020: $2875 bounty awarded during BountyCon 2020 (with bonus)

21/10/2020: Patch confirmed by Facebook

Security Researcher

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Ahmad Talahmeh

Ahmad Talahmeh

Security Researcher

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